Monthly Archives: March 2012

Portal 2 soon for Linux?

At this year’s Game Developers Conference Sixense Entertainment has announced a new motion-sensing game controller Razer Hydra for the PC. This controller is similar to the other motion controllers such as Wii, Move or Kinect, but unlike these it promises a much better precision through the use of magnetic fields. Thus, this controller is well… Read More »

“Windows 8 is a catastrophe”

Gabe Newell, co-founder and CEO of Valve, was recently interviewed by the former head of Microsoft Game Studio at the Casual Connect conference in Seattle. In this interview Gabe Newell told about the current priorities and future plans of the company. For the first time he spoke publicly about the increasing use of Linux within the company. As an… Read More »

And what about Valve?

With this community, we are asking Valve to release Steam for Linux finally. But what about Valve itself? What do they think about the Steam client for the Linux desktop? For several years now there has been much speculation about Steam for Linux. Searching for “steam for linux” on the Internet, you will soon come… Read More »

Welcome to Steam for Linux

While Linux gamers are experiencing perhaps the best time of Gaming on Linux ever, there is still no official Steam client for Linux Desktop. With this community we are going to create a meeting point with all about Steam for Linux for the Linux gamers. Here we want to show the easiest way for installing Steam and… Read More »