And what about Valve?

By | March 28, 2012

With this community, we are asking Valve to release Steam for Linux finally. But what about Valve itself? What do they think about the Steam client for the Linux desktop?

For several years now there has been much speculation about Steam for Linux. Searching for “steam for linux” on the Internet, you will soon come to Valve’s Developer Wiki with a description of Steam installation using Wine. By the way, it refers to one of the first speculations about Steam for Linux from 2008 made by Phoronix. Unfortunately, this wiki page is the only reference to Steam for the Linux desktop from Valve.

In May 2010, simultaneously with the release of Steam for Mac, there was the most famous speculation on Phoronix where Steam for Linux was allegedly officially confirmed by Valve. Shortly before it there was even a Linux version of Steam leaked for download on the Valve’s official website. Although the client could be downloaded by anyone, it was, however in an prealpha state. Some time later, the download link was blocked by Valve with the 403 – Forbidden error. Hence there is still hope that Valve is developing the Linux version.

The only official statement on Steam for Linux from Valve so far was in August 2010 by Doug Lombardi, Valve’s Vice President of Marketing, where he claims that at the moment there was no Linux version in development. Fortunately, this statement is now two years old and hopefully Steam for Linux is being actively developed now and perhaps is going to be released soon.

Until then, we have no other choice than to use Steam another way.

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