Valve is looking for experienced Linux developers!

By | April 3, 2012

A few days ago I sent an e-mail to the CEO of Valve – Gabe Newell – in which I showed our wish for Steam for Linux and I have also asked him about the release date of Steam for Linux. As a result a conversation about Steam for Linux has developed. So Gabe Newell criticizes the poor quality of the OpenGL graphics drivers for Linux and the absence of good software for the analysis of rendering issues.
Here is a brief excerpt from an e-mail from him:

1. L4D2 runs multithreaded at 250 – 300 fps on my Windows 7 machine. Single threaded it’s ~180 fps. On Linux it runs at 25 – 30 fps with the same NVidia GTX 580 video card (after getting them to fix some things), and around the same on a ATI 6970.
2. Good tools to track down OpenGL performance and help debug rendering issues just don’t exist.

We want to fix this. It would be nice to have people who have experience with Linux work on it.

Well, Valve needs your help! Would that be something for you?
If so – get in touch with Valve and help them to release Steam!

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