Phenomenal times for Linux Gaming

By | April 4, 2012

Although the Linux gamers are experiencing an impressing time today, even better times are waiting for them in the near future. While Steam for Linux is being developed by Valve at the moment, more Linux games than ever before are being published today.
The latest HumbleIndieBundle introduced again a great new game for Linux a few day ago – Botanicula:

A plenty of new great games for Linux are released on Desura, such as: “Trine 2” – a long awaited beautiful fairy tale, or “The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic” – an art puzzle similar to “World of Goo”.

Kickstarter seems to be a boon for Linux games, where the Linux users can finally use their own money to enforce the support for the Linux platform! Following titles is a promising example for this trend:
Kickstarter scheint für Linux-Spiele ein Segen zu werden. Hier können Linuxer endlich mal mit eigenem Geld die Unterstüzung für die eigene Plattform erzwingen! Wie beispielsweise bei folgenden erfolgversprechenden Titeln:
Wasteland 2
Double Fine Adventure
Faster Than Light
The Banner Saga
Shadowrun Returns
A list of other projects from Kickstarter with the Linux support can be found here.

This incredible wave of Linux games leads to the massive need of Linux developers. Ryan C. Gordon told about the e-mail flow to him in one of his tweets:

Cool trend: I’m getting a LOT of emails about Linux ports of games that start with “we just had a successful Kickstarter.“

Now we hope that Steam for Linux will be released very soon and will become the last piece of the puzzle for the success of Linux on the desktop.

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