Garry’s Mod and Painkiller are coming to Linux

By | August 6, 2012

After the announcement of Football Manager 2014 coming to Linux, the first signs of the the upcoming Linux versions of Garry’s Mod and Painkiller Hell & Damnationappeared in the Steam database.

Garry’s Mod is a sandbox physics game based on the Valve’s 3D engine Source and the physics engine Havok. This very successful game title has been existing for 8 years now and is being updated regularly. In the game, one or more players are trying to assemble various structures or even vehicles together or against each other.

Painkiller Hell & Damnation is an HD remake of the successful First-Person-Shooter Painkiller from the year 2004. The new version has been published only for Windows last year by Nordic Games.

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