Prominent Linux growth at Valve

By | August 17, 2012

Sam Lantinga “Slouken” – co-founder and former lead developer at Loki Software, founder of Simple DirectMedia Layer, longtime development and engineering leader at Blizzard, joins Valve. Sam Lantinga announced it on the mailing-list of recently :

I just wanted to let everybody know that I landed at Valve, and I’m
literally moving today. 🙂

In the time of Loki Software (1999-2001) the Linux market was, unfortunately, still not in the same shape as today and the company was forced to close in 2001. After it Sam Lantinga moved to Blizzard Software becoming one of the leading developers there.

Nevertheless, in the years of Loki Software there was laid a major milestone for the development of Linux games – a cross-platform library Simple DirectMedia Layer similar to DirectX was created, which is still being used for porting games like Trine, Shank and many others to Linux and Mac OS X. Ryan Gordon “Icculus” (also formerly a software developer at Loki) has already held some talks on the use of SDL in the gaming industry.

Sam Lantinga ranks alongside with Ryan “Icculus” Gordon and Timothee Besset “Ttimo” to the most famous Linux supporters in the gaming industry.

Apart from his announcement regarding joining Valve, Sam Lantinga announced the release of SDL 2.0 coming soon:

I talked with Ryan and Gabriel and we all agree that it’s time to unleash
SDL 2.0 on the masses.

Before we do that I want to get as many blocking issues resolved as soon as
possible. The timing on this is interesting, because my computer is on a
truck, but I think if we get the hot issues known publicly, then we’ll be
able to get them fixed more quickly and folks on the list can help bang
them out.

I’d like everyone to reply to this thread with links to bugzilla reports
that are blocking you.

… GO!

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