Leadwerks brings game development from Windows to Linux

By | June 18, 2013

Josh Klint, the founder of Leadwerks and graphics expert, has made us aware of his ambitious project Leadwerks 3. Leadwerks is a visual toolkit which allows developing any kind of computer games without great programming skills and in any game genre, such as platformer or first-person shooter.

Leadwerks has been existing for a while now, but only for Windows, Android and Mac. Klint said that with a Linux version of the tool, games will be developed directly on Linux and not, as previously, only be ported to Linux after the product release.

According to Klint, many Linux users are familiar with the computer sciences and just need a good tool for the game development.

Currently, it’s being decided on the inclusion of Leadweks in Steam on Steam Greenlight. Moreover, Josh Klint has launched a Kickstarter aiming to collect $20,000 to develop better graphics and support for Linux.

There are only 43 days remaining, but unlike Heavy Gear Assault, Leadwerks has got a much higher chance to succeed on Kickstarter.

Please, support Leadwerks on Greenlight and Kickstarter!

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