Monthly Archives: August 2013

Play Football Manager 2014 on Linux for the first time

Maybe, the most realistic football simulation, Football Manager 2014 from Sports Interactive, is available to Pre-Order now, and the great news for Linux users is: FM is finally coming to Linux. Apart from supporting Linux, FM2014 is bringing a lot of new features and improvements: improved 3D match engine more realistic transfers and contracts tactical… Read More »

Dota 2: Soon for Linux!

Today, Dota 2 has finished the beta phase. It is now free-to-play and will be published soon for Linux, after the Linux test phase ran out. Unfortunately, there is a limited number of players who are allowed to play. The reason for this is the prevention of a server overload. Don´t worry: If you have… Read More »

CrossOver 12.5 has been released

CodeWeavershas released CrossOver 12.5 for Linux and Mac which allows to install and run a countless number of Windows applications on Linux. The new version of CrossOver is based on the latest version of Wine and thus includes a lot of improvements for various Windows application, like Starcraft II, World of Tanks or Microsoft Office. But… Read More »