Monthly Archives: October 2013

Linux only needs ONE killer app!

Lars Gustavsson, the creative director of the game studio DICE, thinks that one killer app would be enough for making Linux more popular as a gaming platform. Because of that, he would like to boost the development of companies game titles on Linux. In the meanwhile, we can hope, that the much expected continuation of the… Read More »

Painkiller Hell and Damnation released for Linux

We have already reported that Painkiller: Hell and Damnation was being ported to Linux few months ago. The game developed by Nordic Games is an HD remake of the successful first-person shooter Painkiller from 2004. Now, the closed Linux beta of the game has been announced for all of them who own it on Steam: Dear Painkiller… Read More »

Rome II will be released for SteamOS

The successful game development studio Creative Assembly told in an interview, that the company is going to publish its latest strategy title Rome 2 for SteamOS. Creative Assembly has developed, among others, strategy games Medieval, Shogun and Rome from the series Total War. The Director of the game studio Rob Bartholomew told to the gamer website PCGamesN that… Read More »

“Steam Machines” and an innovative controller have been revealed

After announcing a new Linux-based operating system, Valve has recently presented the hardware for the “expansion of the Steam universe”. On the one hand, the company has explained its hardware strategy for the coming game devices „Steam Machines“ for the living-room. On the other hand, a new innovative controller to control these “machines” has been presented. While term “Steam Machines”… Read More »

“Steam Squad” is looking for supporters on Kickstarter

The new turn-based strategy game Steam Squad is looking for supporters on In this game, the player leads a small squad during the First World War and tries to complete several missions on the side of one of the three warring powers performing specific military tasks, coming up with tactical moves, managing the soldiers and… Read More »