Leadwerks is on the way to Steam Dev Days

By | November 6, 2013

In June, we have already reported about the Software company Leadwerks porting its game development toolkits Leadwerks 3 to Linux. This should not only help to promote Linux as a gaming platform but also as a platform for the game development. After reaching its goal on Kickstarter.com, Leadwerks has started the beta testing Leadwerks 3.1 on Linux.

While Leadwerks for Linux is still in development, the beta testers can already get, apart of an IDE for Linux, the full access to the toolkit API. By its own admission, the development team were mostly happy with the quality of the Linux graphics drivers: “OpenGL drivers for Linux work great, much better than Windows drivers did a few years ago in the dark days between OpenGL 2 and 3”.

For those interested in the technical details of the Leadwerks Linux port, the development team reported that the new environment will be using GTK on Linux. According to Leadwerks, the major challenge on Linux is the case-sensitivity of file systems.

The founder of Leadwerks Josh Klint will be attending “Steam Dev Days” conference in Seattle in January 2014. At this game conference, developers can share their game design experiences, contact Valve’s Steam team and even test-drive their own games on the „Steam Machines“.

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