Humble Indie Bundle For Christmas

Humble Indie Bundle 7

Humble Indie Bundle 7 has been released, just in time for Christmas, with 5 new games for Linux. Following a great tradition, all of the games in the bundle support Linux. However, something new for Humble Indie Bundle this time, is the inclusion of a movie about indie game developers and the development of indie games in general.

Christmas Present for Linux Gamers From Valve

Steam Linux Beta

Today Valve Software has announced the forthcoming opening of the Steam Linux Beta for everyone next week. This announcement was made on a closed mailing list. To Valve, the beta version is now stable enough to be opened for the broad masses of testers. After the opening of the beta, Linux users will be able to play very popular game titles like Team Fortress 2, Serious Sam 3, Killing Floor and others natively on Linux. Now it remains to be seen what other surprises Valve is preparing for us.

CrossOver 12 Released

CrossOver for Linux

Today, the software company CodeWeavers has released a new version of the Windows emulation software CrossOver for Linux and Mac OS X. The new version is based on Wine 1.5.15 and now has a better integration with the desktop systems Unity and Gnome 3 and has a better support for transparent windows with an activated compositing manager. Also the list of officially supported applications has been extended with new applications.

Ryan Gordon: „Good foundations to an awesome 2013“

Ryan 'Icculus' Gordon

Recently Ryan C. Gordon gave an interesting interview to the gaming blog In this interview he addressed the newsworthy topics such as the latest developments in the Linux gaming world, Steam for Linux and Ryan's experience designing a universal binary format for Linux FatELF. For those who does not know him: Ryan 'Icculus' Gordon is one of the most famous game porters for Linux who has ported, among other things, countless games from the Humble Indie Bundle series, Prey, Unreal Tournament, and many many more to Linux.


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