Linux Game Publishing releases Games in the Ubuntu Software Center and on Desura

Linux Game Publishing

The publisher of the video games for Linux LGP (Linux Game Publishing) has begun to release games in the Ubuntu Software Center and on Desura. While Sacred Gold was selected for releasing first, the company intends to release further titles in the Ubuntu Software Center and on Desura in the near future.

CodeWeavers releases CrossOver 11.2.1 and gives it away for free

CrossOver for Linux

CodeWeavers, the company behind CrossOver and Wine, has released CrossOver 11.2.1. CrossOver Linux not only allows to run games such as Diablo III and Left 4 Dead, but it also supports running of other Windows applications like Microsoft Office 2010. CrossOver is currently the easiest way to install Steam and the games from the Steam catalog on Linux. For those not aware of it, there is a possibility to check a Windows application on, if it can be installed with CrossOver on Linux.

Steam for Linux Beta is imminent

Gabe Newell has talked in an interview to the website about the scheduled release of Steam for TV (known as "STEAM'S BIG PICTURE" mode) and Steam for Linux. He has confirmed that the BETA versions of both products are going to be released "fairly quickly."

The complete interview and more details on the upcoming Valve's products are in this video:

Humble Bundle for Android 3 is here

Recently, the new edition of the Humble Bundle for Android was released. While the new game compilation contains mainly the games for the Android platform, there are also Linux, Mac OS X and Windows versions of the games included. As usual it's “pay what you want”. Furthermore all the games can be redeemed in the Ubuntu Software Center and on Steam.

This time the following games were included in the bundle:


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