EA hunting crowdfunding, bringing Origin for Linux?


Recently Electronic Arts published a press release about its new program with benefits for the development studios funding games with the help of crowdfunding platforms such as KickStarter. Accordingly to the program these game studios don't have to pay distribution fees for the first 90 days of using the digital gaming platform Origin.

Latest Games for Linux

While other big publishers, such as Blizzard and Ubisoft, ignore Linux as a gaming platform, Electronic Arts pushes its first Linux games into Ubuntu Software Center: Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances and Lord of Ultima. Although these games are only a couple of browser games, among Ubuntu users they came to very positive reviews.

Electronic Arts talks at Ubuntu Developer Summit


In this phenomenal times for Linux Gaming there are even more great things to come for Linux soon. As some of you know, Ubuntu Developer Summit is going to take place in California on 7–11 May this year. As usually it is going to be an event for discussing new ideas, plans and solutions for the next Ubuntu release. However this time there will be a special guest talking to the audience, one of the biggest video games publishers - Electronic Arts.

Ubuntu 12.04 released


It's time again - a new version of Ubuntu with the Long Term Support for the next 5 years has been released. What offers the new version for the Linux gamers?

First and foremost, an easy to use and simply beautiful desktop - Unity, which does not only feel much smoother and more attractive in comparison to its predecessor, but also brings better configuration possibilities. For example, the size and behavior of the toolbar Dash could be easily adjusted now. In addition, among other things, Unity has better Multi-Monitor support.


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