Killing Floor Supports Linux

Killing Floor

While the public beta of the Steam Linux client is about to start very soon, the list of Steam games for Linux is uninterruptedly growing. Apart of the long-known games for Linux, such as World of Goo or Darwinia, new very successful titles like Serious Sam 3 or Killing Floor have been marked as Linux compatible in the Steam's game database recently. At the moment the Steam game list includes 28 games supporting Linux.

For those who missed it, the public beta testing of the Steam Linux client is intended to be started this month, while the number of participants will initially be limited to 1000. Also, at the beginning, only Ubuntu 12.04 is going to be supported. For all of you who could hardly await the release of Steam for Linux, there is a way to run Steam on Linux using CrossOver or even enjoy a great game collection natively on Desura in the meanwhile.

Killing Floor