Ryan Gordon: „Good foundations to an awesome 2013“

Ryan 'Icculus' Gordon

Recently Ryan C. Gordon gave an interesting interview to the gaming blog cheerfulghost.com. In this interview he addressed the newsworthy topics such as the latest developments in the Linux gaming world, Steam for Linux and Ryan's experience designing a universal binary format for Linux FatELF. For those does not know him: Ryan 'Icculus' Gordon is one of the most famous game porters for Linux who has ported, among other things, countless games from the Humble Indie Bundle series, Prey, Unreal Tournament, and many many more to Linux.

On the question to where the Linux game world is heading, he replied that this will be much clearer in 3 months. So that will depend on, whether big game publishers like Electronic Arts, Ubisoft or Epic will be infected by the current enthusiasm in the Linux scene. Among the factors that have led to such a positive development are, in his opinion, the success of the Humble Indie Bundle series, the announcement of Steam for Linux, the release of the Unity game engine for Linux and a lot of Linux titles on KickStarter. The year 2013 has, in his opinion, all the prerequisites to get a fantastic year for Linux.

Ryan was very disappointed by the reaction of the Linux developer community on his draft of a universal binary format for Linux FatELF. After the submission of a detailed concept and even uploading of a virtual machine with a working implementation, he learned a painful hostility of the Linux developer community. After this experience he was even considering switching to Mac OS X as main operating system.

Fortunately, Ryan has been encouraged by Sam Latinga and Valve to tackle another problem area in Linux - the fullscreen support in Linux games. He has submitted a concept for the treatment of applications in fullscreen mode by the window manager, which was received with a much more welcoming and very cooperative response. Currently Ryan works, among other things, on porting of Killing Floor and Red Orchestra.

The complete interview with Ryan Gordon is here.

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