John Carmack: "Improving Wine better than native ports"

John Carmack

The game pioneer and id Software's co-founder John Carmack has already expressed some concerns regarding the viability of Linux as a gaming platform. Now he has published a comment on Twitter, in which he said that improving Wine is a better way for Gaming on Linux than porting games to the OS.

Without a doubt, Wine is a very important part of the Linux landscape. Certainly the most PC applications are produced for Windows today and there will be a lot of Windows-only applications in the near future. Wine and its polished commercial version CrossOver allow running Windows applications on Linux. With Wine users often need to do a little configuration work to get an application up and running. On the other hand, CrossOver uses application profiles with all the necessary settings for running applications and thus saves the user configuration effort.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of restrictions in Wine when using it with demanding 3D game titles. The collection of APIs DirectX is being used in the most PC games, but it is only supported in the outdated version 9. Moreover, running Windows applications with Wine is only possible with a large performance hit.

What do you think? Is John Carmack right with his opinion?

John Carmack