Left 4 Dead 2 has been Released

Left 4 Dead 2

Linux gamers, rejoice! Yesterday, as announced, Valve has released the beta version of its successful first-person shooter Left 4 Dead 2 for all game owners. The game is based on the current Valve's game engine Source and is especially popular with the co-op fans.

Now, It would be interesting to know if the game actually runs faster on Ubuntu than on Windows. Porting of the game, Valve has implemented a special software layer which translates DirectX API calls to OpenGL on the fly. According to Valve, the execution speed of 3D applications with the help of this layer is about 11% faster than with DirectX.

The beta version not only contains a Linux version, but also the new "Extended Mutation System" and new content. However, during the beta phase, the game can only be played on the special beta servers.

Left 4 Dead 2
Ubuntu vs. Windows