CrossOver 14 with a Special to the 10th Anniversary of Ubuntu released


CodeWeavers, the software company behind Wine, has released CrossOver 14, a software for easy running Windows applications on Linux and Mac OS X. The new version is full of new features and comes in time to the 10th anniversary of Ubuntu, as 10 years ago Mark Shuttleworth announced Ubuntu 4.10 "Warty Warthog", the first version of Ubuntu.

New features of CrossOver 14 on Linux include:

  • CrossOver now automatically detect and install missing packages required to run Windows applications
  • Crossover now supports Ubuntu 14.10
  • The Wine core has been improved by thousands of different patches that enable or enhance the execution of even more Windows applications
  • New applications, such as Quicken 2015 or Heartstone, have been added to the officially supported applications list

For the 10th anniversary of Ubuntu and in celebration of CrossOver 14, you can get CrossOver 14 to 25% discount until the end of November. To get the discount, you must order CrossOver on while using the deal code 10thAnniversaryOfUbuntu.

So, now just celebrate the 10thAnniversaryOfUbuntu with CrossOver 14. For those of you who don't know it, you can check, whether a Windows application works on Linux, on our site in the section "What Windows game do you want to play today?". From my experience, I can confirm that Microsoft Office, World of Tanks, Starcraft 2 and many other Windows applications run very well on Ubuntu using CrossOver.