​Bundle Stars presents the Indie Legend Bundle 4

The company Bundle Stars released the new Bundle Indie Legends Bundle 4 featuring 6 of the best indie games for ​Linux on Steam® for just $3.49​.

Here is the complete press release from Bundle Stars:

Boasting one of the most star-studded game line-ups ever seen in an indie bundle, the brand new and exclusive Indie Legends 4 Bundle is here.

Bundle Stars has pulled 8 incredible Steam games out of the bag for just $3.49 – that’s a saving of more than $100, and a discount of more than 95%.

So just how good are the games? Games like Party Hard and Door Kickers are award winners, and the average Steam user score is a stunning 91%, across nearly 30,000 reviews!

The legendary line-up is as follows:

● Party Hard (tinyBuild)
It’s 3am. Your neighbors are having a loud party. Stop them. With aliens, sharknadoes, SWAT, killer bears and more, take out everyone in unique ways and don’t get caught!

● Lethal League (Team Reptile)
Smash an anti-gravity ball in your mate’s face with this fast paced competitive fighter. Play intense local matches, single player or battle it out online!

● Viscera Cleanup Detail Complete (RuneStorm)
An alien invasion has left an almighty mess throughout the facility, and it’s your job to clean up! With sandbox physics gameplay, and multiplayer janitoring (is that a word?), this is gonna be one messy job! Includes House of Horror DLC!
​ Windows Only​
● Door Kickers (KillHouse Games)
Take charge of a SWAT team and skilfully coordinate the the daring rescue of terrified hostages. Don’t let the bad guys press the trigger!

● Skullgirls (Autumn Games)
Control fierce warriors in an extraordinary Dark Deco world. Complete awesome combos, attacks and special moves in single and multiplayer modes.

● Sir, You Are Being Hunted (Big Robot)
Escape from robot-infested islands with violence, trickery and death! Every playthrough is unique in this brutally funny FPS stealth game.

● Another World 20th Anniversary Edition (Digital Lounge)
Enjoy a pioneering action/platformer that still looks and feels fresh today. Revered by critics and gamers alike!

● Reus (Abbey Games)
​ ​
Create mountains, oceans and forests, then enrich your planet with life. There are plenty of items and challenges to unlock in this addicting god game!​ Windows Only​​

All the games are redeemable on the world’s most popular games platform, Steam, with a free user account from http://store.steampowered.com.

The Indie Legends 4 Bundle is available for 2 weeks only, exclusively from Bundle Stars (https://www.bundlestars.com).

Bundle Stars