Runesoft published Jack Keane on Desura

Jack Keane on Desura

The German game publisher Runesoft has released the "point-and-click" adventure Jack Keane on the Indie gaming platform Desura. This game is based on the free rendering engine OGRE and has won numerous game awards.

In this adventure game, the player takes on the role of the protagonist Jack Keane during the colonial period in England. He takes a job to accompany a British secret agent to a secret island and to stop with him the evil scientist Doctor T..

Killing Floor Supports Linux

Killing Floor

While the public beta of the Steam Linux client is about to start very soon, the list of Steam games for Linux is uninterruptedly growing. Apart of the long-known games for Linux, such as World of Goo or Darwinia, new very successful titles like Serious Sam 3 or Killing Floor have been marked as Linux compatible in the Steam's game database recently. At the moment the Steam game list includes 28 games supporting Linux.


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