Christmas Present for Linux Gamers From Valve

Steam Linux Beta

Today Valve Software has announced the forthcoming opening of the Steam Linux Beta for everyone next week. This announcement was made on a closed mailing list. To Valve, the beta version is now stable enough to be opened for the broad masses of testers. After the opening of the beta, Linux users will be able to play very popular game titles like Team Fortress 2, Serious Sam 3, Killing Floor and others natively on Linux. Now it remains to be seen what other surprises Valve is preparing for us.

Valve seeking testers for the beta version of Steam on Linux

Steam Linux Beta

The Linux team at Valve is looking for beta testers for the Linux version of Steam. A comment about it was discovered on the Valve's Linux Blog, according to which everyone wishing to participate in the beta program should express interest in a comment on the Valve's Linux Blog or in an e-mail written to Here is the text of the Valve's comment:

Steam for Linux Beta is imminent

Gabe Newell has talked in an interview to the website about the scheduled release of Steam for TV (known as "STEAM'S BIG PICTURE" mode) and Steam for Linux. He has confirmed that the BETA versions of both products are going to be released "fairly quickly."

The complete interview and more details on the upcoming Valve's products are in this video:

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