2.5% of all Steam users use Linux

Every month, a Steam survey is conducted about the software and hardware being used among the Steam users. In this survey the users of the gaming platform are being asked about the CPU, the graphics card, the operating system etc. they are using.

In February, according to the survey results, 2.5% of the Steam users use Linux, 3.3% use Mac OS and the vast majority of 94% use Windows. It is noteworthy, that 1.8% of the users prefer Ubuntu Linux.

Here are the user numbers of the most popular Linux distributions:

CrossOver 12 Released

CrossOver for Linux

Today, the software company CodeWeavers has released a new version of the Windows emulation software CrossOver for Linux and Mac OS X. The new version is based on Wine 1.5.15 and now has a better integration with the desktop systems Unity and Gnome 3 and has a better support for transparent windows with an activated compositing manager. Also the list of officially supported applications has been extended with new applications.

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