Terraria has been released for Linux!

By | August 15, 2015

The popular, retro style 2D crafting survival title Terraria has finally been released for Linux and Mac.

With a Metascore of 83 and a whole bunch of positive reviews, this game keeps what it promises:

Nearly endless gameplay in a world that can be shaped by the player himself, where many monsters creep around and where various biomes include masses of mineral resources.

There are exciting boss battles, a huge selection of weapons, tools, armour and building materials, which the player must craft using all the raw materials hidden in the world.

This seemingly small game uses a pretty small amount of disk space and should run well on older, not too powerful computers without any problems, while being one of the most comprehensive games that I have ever played.

The update to version 1.3 brought a mass of new content and improved the graphical user interface.

This game is an absolute recommendation for all them, who love and enjoy playing crafting survival games.
Moreover, it can also be played with friends in a multiplayer mode.

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