The Beta of Dota 2 – Reborn with Source 2 will be launched this week!

By | June 15, 2015

Last Friday, Dota 2 – Reborn Beta has been announced, which will not only get a completely new user interface, but will also be powered by the new Steam-Engine “Source 2”, which will finally be replacing the 10 years old game engine “Source”.

After starting the open beta of Dota 2 – Reborn, there will be many updates that will fix bugs and improve the gaming experience.

The developers want to optimize the game experience based on the feedback from the gaming community.

Although they are going to present new game modes, the gameplay and the heroes in the game will not be changed, in order to ensure the gaming experience that the players are common with.

Dota 2 – Reborn is probably going to get out of the beta some time after the “The International”, the big Dota 2 event.

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